Investment Group Properties LLC

Realty Investing Made Easy

We are a group of real estate investors and lenders opening access to investment properties to all income levels. We focus on realty development through a collaborative process. Invest with us with as little as $10.00 or as much as $10 million. Contact us to see how we can work together on buying and selling real estate investment properties.

Flix & Flips

Buying or selling property, we can get you cash fast for real estate, in as little as 72 hours of an accepted offer. And with no property inspection needed on, learn more at FixFlip.Properties


30 year terms to Buy, Renovate, Rent, and Refinance properties for long-term equity and monthly income. Find out if your deal qualifies for a 30 year loan at BRRR.Investments

Hard Money

Hard money loans with up to 100% financing for purchase upto 70% ARV, and you can finance 100% of rehab cost too. We also offer sellers cash fast at SellMyHouseNow.Cash

We can buy investment properties fast, and help anyone get involved with investment opportunities. Contact us for more info or to do a deal together!